Create A Professional Custom Logo For Less Than 10 Dollars

Creating a professional company logo need not be an expensive or lengthy process. But if you don’t know where to go, or what to do, it’ll waste your valuable time and money.

In this article I share my tips for getting a cheap, high quality logo made up for less than ten dollars.

Don’t Over-Complicate Logo Design

I must admit, in the past I’ve vastly over-complicated logo design.

I’ve overspent on freelance logo designers. And I’ve wasted hours on Photoshop trying to create my own. In both situations I’ve been left feeling dissatisfied with the result, in one way or another.

If you’re like me — where image design/editing isn’t your forte, but you value the importance of a professional logo for your brand — then do yourself a favour by diverting your attention away from expensive logo designers (who often charge $100-300). Stop going in circles in image editing suites.

There’s a lot of other important tasks you could be doing to grow your business aside from logo design. So follow the below steps, and I guarantee you’ll have a ready-to-use logo within a few days for very little time, money and effort.

Establish What You Want

The first step to getting the perfect logo made up is knowing what you want. What does your ideal logo look like?

This might sound like an obvious question, but most small business owners do not know what they want from a logo until they actually see an array of options made up, or go through various stages of amendments. But that’s like setting sail without a destination, arriving half-way round the world and saying “nope, not here”. It’s an expensive and long-winded approach.

Take the time to figure out what you want in terms of different design elements — such as colours, font style & boldness, and icons. You haven’t got to be artistic to work this out, either.

The first thing to remember about logo design is there’s no need to start from scratch as, to some extent, you’ll end up with a design resembling other existing logos. Hardly any logo designs are entirely unique.

So examine existing logos by other companies — from any industry whatsoever — and pick out the ones that you’d like your own brand logo to look like. Use those as your starting point.

Create A Professional Custom Logo For Cheap (Less Than 10 Dollars)
Take inspiration from existing logos rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

Then combine specific (non-copyrighted or unique) elements from your favourite logos in order to better visualise a ‘new’ creation that’s unlike anything else out there. Consider the following:

  • Website. Will the logo compliment your website design and colour scheme? Or will you design the website around the logo?
  • Documents. Will the logo look neat on printed documents? For example: letter headed paper, and customer invoices.
  • Products. Will the logo look ‘right’ on the products you sell? (consider colour clashes, font styles, readability etc.)
  • Customers. Will the logo appeal to your intended customers? Does it give the right impression of your brand?

At this stage I like to make an extremely crude mockup of the logo in Paint or Photoshop and superimpose it into different scenarios to verify it’s suitability.

Although it’s not necessary, I also like to draw out any intricate parts of the design on paper (as I don’t have the skills to make complex drawings using an application). This will come in handy for the next step.

Create A Professional Custom Logo For Cheap (Less Than 10 Dollars)
These were the original concept drawings I made for the Rectrix logo. At the time I had intended for the brand to be named “Reflexx” — but that was already taken.

Hire A Freelancer On Fiverr

Now that you have your logo concept, you need to bring it to life. For this, sign up to to find a logo freelancer.

When I first discovered Fiverr I was shocked at how cheap it was for logo design. I’d previously paid up to 30x as much — so naturally I was sceptical about the quality.

However, I’ve since had multiple successes with different logo Freelancers from Fiverr. The prices merely reflect local currencies and overseas earnings — which is considerably cheaper than hiring freelancers based in US or UK. In my experience, this price disparity has not reflected the level of quality in any way.

Create A Professional Custom Logo For Cheap (Less Than 10 Dollars)
There are ample cheap options on Fiverr. Many of which have hundreds of positive reviews.

Of course, you can maximise your chances of success using Fiverr. I recommend doing the following:

  1. Search for “logo design”
  2. Filter by your “budget” (e.g. $10)
  3. Find a Freelancer with a score of 4.7+, with 100+ reviews, offering free design revisions
  4. Check the Freelancer’s portfolio for logos similar to the style you want (e.g. vintage, simplistic, highly detailed, vibrant)
  5. Provide clear instructions to the Freelancer, pointing towards existing logos that you like, and attaching any mockups you’ve drawn.

And that’s literally it. The logo is usually delivered within a few days. Here’s the end result I achieved for the Rectrix logo, for less than $10.

Create A Professional Custom Logo For Cheap (Less Than 10 Dollars)

Revise, Or Repeat

If you’re unhappy with the logo design, you have the option to revise it by asking your Freelancers for modifications. Alternatively, you could just hire another Freelancer — it’s cheap enough.

Whenever I want a new logo made up, I provide the same instructions to two separate Fiverr Freelancers at the same time, and compare the results.

Often one design features something I like more than the other, and vice versa. So I simply take my favourite features from both, and then merge the concepts together in the revisions. I find that this maximises the chance of quick success.

Using Fiverr for freelance design is no secret among seasoned entrepreneurs — but many new startups approach logo creation with the wrong outlook. So I hope that this article will helpful to new startups.

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