The Site & Author

Complicated business terminology, expensive marketing solutions, and complex technology. It makes starting your own online business overwhelming.

Niche Carve brings online business back down-to-earth. It speaks everyone’s language. It cuts through the jargon. It provides free, practical tips & tricks for you to apply to your own projects — and reduce your costs along the way.

Who Writes Niche Carve?

I’m Toby, the founder & writer of Niche Carve: a resource for anyone aiming to start their own business and develop a web presence.

Since graduating from University, I've worked on several startups -- some more successful than others. I've always wanted to run my own companies in the industries I care most about, and to earn myself the luxury of choosing where I'll go next, without restriction.  

I've largely achieved that so far -- but I've still got a long way to go before I'm where I want to be. You can learn more about my projects from my personal site here.

Buried beneath the accomplishments, I've experienced the the tribulations that come with self-employment. I've often taken the "long route round" in my approach to projects. I've developed products with enormous potential that ultimately failed because of marketing. I've felt the hardships of working amongst a small team, and the difficulties of maintaining a healthy work and life balance. My experiences are real.

I can offer an insight into the pros and cons of managing various aspects of self-employment.

What Does Niche Carve Hope to Achieve?

I aim to break down the process of starting a business into simple chunks that can be applied to any niche. I’ll provide:

  • Advice for starting a new business, including getting set up online.
  • Tips for how to successfully market your business, or third party products.
  • Information on how to launch your own physical product business and sell worldwide.
  • Recommendations of what tools you require to get your jobs done.

The objective is that Niche Carve steers you clear of potential pitfalls, and saves you time and effort in whatever pursuit you have.

I don’t claim to be any kind of marketing expert, or business adviser. I share techniques that worked well in my own endeavours.

What Does Niche Carve Get In Return?

There’s three main motivations I have for creating and maintaining Niche Carve.

  1. Profit. I believe there’s earning potential in helping people to start their own online business. This can be through freelance services or recommending the best third-party products and services on the market.
  2. Satisfaction. I enjoy helping those with limited resources to carve their own niche. I have a lot of recommendations and knowledge that might be beneficial to others.
  3. New skills. It takes a lot of work and creativity to build a successful business — so I have to stay on top. I’ll always need to research new ways to improve my own projects. This site encourages me to stay on my toes. I’ll post new findings.

Rest assured that the success of this site hinges on the quality of information I give. If I recommend weak products, then that won’t benefit my site long-term…

… and you can learn all about that by reading the blog!