Making Online Business Simpler

Regardless of how easy it’s sometimes portrayed, building an online business requires a lot of time, energy, focus, and at the very least — some money.

Speaking from experience, I know that as you seek help and guidance online you’ll face no end of unintelligible jargon, expensive marketing solutions, and complex technologies.

So that’s where NicheCarve comes in.

NicheCarve is a free resource for anyone looking to launch — or improve — their online business. The content on this site aims to speak everyone’s language. It’s designed to cut straight through the jargon, and bring online business back down-to-earth. 

Check out the NicheCarve blog to find honest, practical, cost-cutting tips & tricks to help grow your online business.

About The Writer

I’m Toby, the writer of NicheCarve and several other sites including Punter2Pro, TopGoalkeeping, and FlyGA. I occasionally write freelance, too.

I’ve been self-employed since 2010, and have spent most of my career developing online startups in sports & recreation including Palio-ETT — one of Europe’s top selling table tennis brands, and Rectrix — a growing goalkeeper brand.

It’s my ambition to enjoy whatever I do for a living, and to earn myself the luxury of choosing where I’ll go next, without any restrictions. So far so good; but I still have a long journey ahead.

I’m not an online ‘guru’ trying to sell you a dream. I’m just carving my own career path and sharing my experiences along the way. I aim to paint a realistic picture of entrepreneurship.

On this site I share my opinions, knowledge and experiences — both good and bad — in order to provide advice that would’ve helped me out back when I started building my online career.

I hope NicheCarve will help save you some time and effort in whatever online pursuit you have.